Rose Valley Steel Works sets the standard in custom steel fabrication in Armidale and Tamworth.

We are a leading company in the metal fabrication industry with a broad range of experience manufacturing agricultural and structural products. With over 15 years of experience and a team highly skilled with various styles of metalwork, we find innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements. We offer a full sheet metal shop service to Armidale and Tamworth’s residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sector. Anything you can think of – we can make out of metal.
Whatever you needs: Metal Fabrication, Cattle Grid, Hand Rail Systems, Mezzanine Floors, Fadeout Bin, Heavy Duty Hay Rack etc, Rose Valley Steel Works, is your one stop solution. Our metal fabrication services in Tamworth and Armidale are unparalleled. We’ve never turned down unusual requests. Nothing is too odd or out-of-the-box. From replicating the front bumper of a vintage car to creating a component for a cu tting-edge electric car, we’ve done it all.

You can approach us for consultation on projects to discuss your individual requirements to ensure a smooth progression through the various stages. We can also organise project specific orders of specialty materials if required, as we specialize in commercial and industrial sheet metal fabrication background and delivery services.
With Rose Valley Steel Works, you can expect clear communication, exceptional customer service, expert craftsmanship and value-adding results.


Rose Valley Steel Works customises and manufactures the latest agricultural equipment through fabrication. We can fabricate metal for storage facilities, grain handling station, livestock troughs and more. Whether you need us to redesign a component or create a structure starting from design, we can help. With our skills and facilities, we create durable and safe metal-fabricated items for your team and your livestock.


Working with alloy and stainless steel require specialist hands - Rose Valley Steel Works provides several pairs of those. With our expertise in precision steel processing, we provide high-quality cutting, processing, forming and machining of alloy and stainless steel. Our steel fabrication company manufactures and fabricates custom-made alloy and stainless steel works. Whether you require an alloy or stainless steel Ute tray, workbench or shelving, we can create it.


Rose Valley Steel Works proudly creates durable and stylish structural steel for the retail sector. We supply a large range of steel products and provide solutions including steel cutting. With our specialist skills, we can fabricate racks, display shelves and countertops that can transform your showroom. We can also create highly durable shelving for storerooms. Our team operates under stringent standards, resulting in quality, value-adding items.


Rose Valley Steel Works is one of Tamworth’s most diversified specialty steel fabricating company. We provide structural steel solutions including fabrication, assemble, modify and repair for buildings, bridges and more. Welding and fabricating steel for construction and industrial applications require special expertise that not all companies have. The processes used are complex and demanding. But with Rose Valley Steel Work’s unparalleled experience and skill, we’re prepared to take on the challenging steel components of your project.


Rose Valley Steel Works are here to service your Sheet Metal needs, as well as stocking material from sheet right through to plate. We are able to guillotine and fold from .55 to 6mm Sheet in our Sheet Metal Processing area. We produce durable, ready-to-use metal parts, fabricated exactly to your specifications. We are your one-stop-shop delivering solutions starting from designing all the way to finishing. Whether you need benches, lockers or jointer doors, we will provide you with premium end products built to last.

Armidale Tamworth’s Metal Fabricating Specialist

Rose Valley Steel is a leading steel fabrication company in Armidale and Tamworth. The company has over 15 years of experience and has a team of experts with a wide range of metalwork expertise. With our skills and facilities, we are able to cater to the metal fabrication requirements of the agricultural, residential, commercial, construction and industrial sector.
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