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Phil Macfarlane, Managing Director of Rose Valley Steel Works

Phil Macfarlane
Managing Director

The company was started 15 years ago by another local, Peter Wilkinson, who on the property “Rose Valley” decided to go out and buy himself a cut off saw and welder, and open a business. Like everything good, it grew just a little big for a small shed operation and required new premises to be able to continue to grow. Peter moved into Webb Place, Armidale approx.13 years ago, at which point he found a young keen employee named Phil Macfarlane. Phil was eager to get into business for himself and saw this business as a great opportunity to “drought proof” himself from the life he knew, growing up a farmer’s son.

When Phil began with the company, it was with a total of two employees including Phil, and the main item on the production line in those days was the farm gate. The company now has 12 employees including Phil, bigger premises, and it incorporates another business – ShedBoss Armidale – which is a fantastic subsidiary to the structural side of the business.

We have an item list that includes many types of agricultural products; it is very rare these days to make a gate (even though we all still enjoy making them) but we do still make gates – good ones too. We now have a team that has a wealth of experience in many styles of metalwork and also structural steel design, fabrication and erection.
Rose Valley Steel Work Team
We are a custom metal fabrication company – that means that anything you can imagine or draw, we can make out of metal. If you have something broken that’s made from metal, any metal, we can generally repair it. If you have an idea, we have a team of experience and some real out of the box thinkers who would love to help you turn it into a reality.

We have a range of agricultural products, stock feeders, panels, gates and stay systems.
Full sheet metal shop service, including the fabrication of Alloy, Stainless and Mild Steel products. Fabrication of ute trays, ladder racks, canopies, and tool boxes.
Steel processing, including band saw, shear and punch, drilling and bending/rolling pipe and RHS. Plasma & oxy cutting.
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